Thursday, September 16, 2010


So, I am TOTALLY GLEEKED OUT! Yes, I said it I LOVE GLEE!!! My co-worker gave me Season 1, Vol 1 and I only have 2 more episodes left on that so I went out and bought Season 1, Vol 2 today at Target and I have until Tuesday to get caught up before the season premiere of Season 2!!!

I knew I had crossed over when the same co-worker burned me all 4 Glee DVD's and I was at lunch in my minivan JAMMING to the Glee CD's! If you haven't see it, you need too! If you watch it, let's talk! ha! It is great everyone needs to be a GLEEK!

My tv days have SLOWED dramatically if not come to a full on hault with two little ones but I did print out the fall season premiere line-up and I am hopefully going to get a plan in place to watch some of these awesome shows! I seriously need a break from Calliou, Cars, Jungle Book or any other kid related movies! ha!

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