Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Start of Fall = Happiness!

It was the first weekend that made me feel like fall is in our future! The weather was crisp and cool at night and I loved everything about it! We had a great weekend in Owensboro spending time with family. Just watching how happy the kids are when we are there makes it even better! Luckily, knock on wood (again and again) I was the only one that got the dreaded stomach bug! So we went ahead with our plans and had soccer Saturday and then headed to Owensboro for some fun and family time! Here are some pics from our fun filled weekend!
The usual set up.... The kids constantly eating snacks on Mamaw's couch!

 We got to go to a fall festival, you know the kind.... where you manage to spend $20 for the kids to ride 3 things :) haha It was worth it... this was the one "ride" that didn't use tickets. Palmer and Ann Mason liked the motorcycle so much that the guy said he might start charging for it! :) I hope this isn't a scene from my future with Palmer and Ann Mason on their Harley!
 This girl can't be stopped I try to get pics of her but she is too fast, I tried to get a shot of how cute she looked!
 After a few trys we found the perfect "ride" for Palmer, it was right up his alley and just his speed... SLOW! Here are Palmer and Ann Mason driving the toy trucks!

 I just had to add this pic of Annie with the sign big foot under it! If they only knew :)
 Her brother was very serious about being the driver! Ann Mason didn't seem to mind!
 The cousins + 1 on the hay stack :)
Ethan, Matthew, Katelyn, Palmer and Ann Mason
                      Annie and cousin KK, Katelyn is hands down one of the sweetest  girls in the world! She is so mothering and patient, we all love her!

We hope you all had a great weekend! Here's to fall coming our way (we hope!!)

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