Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

I had the BEST birthday weekend EVER! This turning 30 might not be so bad after all!

Thursday night the kids and Tex presented me with a bugs bunny card (Palmer's choice) and a new Pandora charm with my birth stone, the kids were so proud and Tex said that was the most fun part was taking them to get my present and pick out the card even though it took Palmer quite a while to pick it out! haha

Friday afternoon Ashley took me to a birthday lunch at Panera where I got a BEAUTIFUL arrangement of flowers from my mom and we had a great lunch together!

Tex and I took the kids half way to Owensboro and kicked off our weekend with a GREAT celebration at Erin's. It was SO much fun and we laughed, sat at the bonfire, played catch phrase and just had so much fun! I was blown away but the love and celebration from all of my friends, it was wonderful.

Saturday I had to share my birthday with another person! haha Just kidding, Riley! We went to Riley's UK themed 2nd birthday sans the kiddos and had a great time! Riley was adorable and it was great seeing everyone and all of the kiddos, not to mention the CATS winning!

Saturday night I had a "date night" no not with Tex but with my best friend in the whole world Jamie. We ate at Rafferty;s and then went to see the Switch (in my opinion it was a rental) but it was still great company and a great time!

Sunday Tex and I got to spend the day together and take naps and eat at Macaroni Grill all by ourselves and with a gift card, I think it made the food that much more delicious! ha!

Monday we attempted to go to the zoo with apparently everyone else in Louisville so basically we drove 30 minutes to eat at Qdoba and turn around cause the traffic was so bad, we have promised Palmer another trip out there SOON!

The weekend was great and I was so blessed to spend so much time with all of the people that I love and I feel like basically all I did was eat!! haha I better watch out now that I am 30! Thanks to everyone for such a special birthday!

Here are some pics from the big weekend! I didn't take as many as I hoped, I guess I was too busy having fun!

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