Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh the times they are a changing....

Yes, we just purchased tickets to Veggie Tales LIVE! WOOHOO! haha For those of you not familiar with Veggie Tales (which is probably a majority of the population! haha!) they are a GREAT Christian cartoon and tell stories of Jonah, Moses, etc... and they sing! Palmer and Ann Mason have a couple of their dvd's.

It is kind of crazy that I think I am just as excited about going to Veggie Tales Live as I was about George and Reba! haha! They are having a momentum week at our church Southeast Christian Church and the Duggards are even coming with 17 of 19 of their children! They have a whole week of "celebrities" and we have picked the Veggie Tales!! Hopefully P and AM will enjoy their little dancing and singing veggies! :)

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