Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Weekend!

We had a GREAT family weekend!!! We started off the weekend with playing at the Arc and going to Palmer and Annie's fav restaurant Cracker Barrell, yum!! 

Ann Mason

Saturday we kicked off the morning with a little soccer, I LOVE watching Palmer play soccer and be such a big boy! He has so much fun and he was literally just jumping up and down and laughing he was so excited! We are thinking about starting gymnastics! ha! Tex doesn't know what to think about this idea yet, but I keep telling him it is more like "gym" time and will help with his coordination when he is a quarterback or something :) We might even let Ann Mason try it out for a bit, she seems to like soccer even though she's not on the team yet! :)

Palmer 3 year 4 months

Saturday night we went to our FAVORITE festival. Tex and I have been every year since we got married and we love it! Palmer and Ann Mason had so much fun with their friends and going on the bouncies and the ship ride, Ann Mason hangs right in there just like she is 3! Nothing scares her at all!

Ann Mason before Church

This morning we headed to church and we hadn't been in a while since they had their tonsils out and Tex has been working almost every Sunday. It felt SO good to be back! I was sad though cause both kiddos moved up in their classes and Palmer is now back in the preschool area, it doesn't seem possible! He just keeps on getting bigger and I want him to stay my little baby :)

Palmer told me today when we picked him up from his new preschool class that it scared him... I asked him why and he told me "That this girl ate berries and she wasn't supposed too but the snake told her too and she got in real big trouble!" So, I gathered that they learned about Adam and Eve and that the berries were really the apple... I was cracking up! He told me that he liked his class though and he wanted to go back, so that was a good thing, I guess Adam and Eve didn't scare him too bad!

It was a nice weekend with the family! Since I went back to work full time I cherish the weekends and getting to spend time with the kids and Tex! They just are never long enough :)

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