Thursday, September 16, 2010

Team Templeton

My Sweet, Spunky Baby Girl is 19 months old today!!! Just writing that makes me want to cry.... I love, love, love the stage she is now but I don't know how this happens so fast. Where did my newborn baby go that let me hold her and rock her and depended on me for everything? There are days I crave that (yes, I know I am crazy!) and then there are days that I am so content with where we are now. I know God has a plan for us and we are blessed to have two beautiful and healthy children, I will patiently wait to see if HE has anymore "plans" in the future for us and maybe HIS plan is exactly to be where we are at this exact moment, and I believe that with my whole heart! :) I will be the 50 year old mom still wanting a newborn! haha I don't know if that feeling will ever go away for me, does it?

Some people are very clear about being done with having children and I envy that, but of course I have to make everything complicated :) haha I can't think of anything that was more miraculous than feeling your baby in your stomach for the first time or seeing your child being born and everything that comes with it. It is HARD and CRAZY but oh my gosh it is SO worth it!! So for now I am becoming content with enjoying my life each day and not looking for answers and trying to ask all of the what if's, I know that my life will work out exactly the way it is supposed to as long as I follow God's Will and not mine! :) (easier said than done!)

So with that being said... ha! Happy 19 month birthday Ann Mason! You are so funny, sweet, independent and loving! You are a talking machine and Palmer and you play a game in the back seat to try and see how many words you can repeat! You even said "excuse me" the other night after you belched like a 40 year old man wearing Palmer's pjs, I was SO proud! heehee (true story!) You are so beautiful inside and out and I LOVE having you as my daughter!

Ok, so this is one of the main reasons why it is just so hard to think about not having more mini Templeton's! The love Ann Mason and Palmer have for each other just makes my heart melt. They are opposites attract in ever sense and they just work! They can't get enough of each other everyday, all day! haha They REALLY want to share a room but I am not even going there yet :) We let Ann Mason "pretend" to sleep in there before we take her to her crib and it works for now.

I picked up Palmer and Ann Mason from school yesterday and the minute Palmer saw her, Palmer gave her a big hug and I thought I was going to cry right there on the playground! I love that they love each other and I hope they always will. They have a special bond and it makes me smile just watching them with each other.

Our new favorite thing is to get in a huddle and all throw our hands together and scream "GOOOOO Templetons!" they think that is hilarious! So whether we ever expand that huddle is still a mystery but for right now our huddle of 4 suits me pretty well! :)

I love you both so much it hurts, I love to see your excitement and hear about your days and I just love us being together, at this point in your lives that is really all you truly want is for us to be together as a family, so simple yet so amazing! I know in the years to come that may not always be the case when you want to be with your friends but I hope even when your older we can still cheer for The Templeton's together, cause we are a team and we need each other!

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Connie Shear said...

Oh! How I remember the days of you and Ashley loving on each other and you asking "Where is Ashley", when I picked you up from school!!! They will always be best friends even though they are different. I hope you can see how I feel about you when you look at them. I love you, MOM