Thursday, April 19, 2012

22 Weeks!

Well, I am 22 weeks! Which means that I have 17 weeks left (c-section at 39 weeks) and it also means that I have hit the less than 4 month mark for both work and being pregnant! I know I will look back and say how fast it flew by but right now I am not there yet!

Here I am in all of my 22 week Glory. Weight Gain is definitely picking up and that's a little scary! I am terrified to think about my body at 35 weeks in the dead of summer! haha

This week has been very uneventful and I LOVE uneventful :) Things have been running SO much smoother at our house since we have implemented the sticker chart almost 1 week ago (sticker chart post to come!)

Happy Thursday! It is almost FRIDAY! WOOHOO!

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