Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Chandler

I had the privilege of seeing this little beautiful miracle this morning! Chandler Grace is almost 23 weeks and weighs 1 lb 2 oz. She is perfect and active :) She was kicking the ultrasound tech, eating her fingers, moving her mouth like she was talking and having a great time!

Today I was overcome by gratitude and emotion. For me there is no way you can't believe in God when you experience the miracle of a baby growing inside of you. I feel honored that I get to experience this gift again and feel truly, truly blessed. Life has thrown me many curve balls some I handle with grace others I handle like a raging lunatic :) but at the end of the day I TRY to be a good example to my children. I TRY to show them that life isn't always fair but it isn't how we handle ourselves on our best days it is how we handle ourselves on our worst days. Sometimes I fail miserably and sometimes I get it right. I am pretty sure they know I am human and they have seen my tears and felt my defeats even at their young age but they have also seen me keep on going, rise above and love them with a fire that burns deep inside of me. I get to do this again, my heart gets to grow 100 times more, I get love another person more than I ever thought humanely possible. It is an awesome day!

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