Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nursery inspiration

Chandler's nursery is definitely a work in progress! Honestly with this being my third child I am thinking SIMPLE but elegant. Less is more is definitely the motto in this room for sure! I am loving the distressed/white washed look. Very airy and bright. The room that will be a nursery is actually an office with no windows (pretty sure that is probably what it was before we bought the house. Oh and it has no doors either  :) What it does have is two AMAZING built in closets and a built in bookshelf and storage.

It definitely has potential. We are going to eventually put glass french doors on so that we can close them while she is sleeping. Here is some of the ideas of what the nursery looks like in my head :)
Chandler's bedding. I fell in love with this bedding even before I knew I was having a girl and was determined to use it for boy or girl. I have done the blue for boy the pink and green for girl and now I am ready for a more neutral pallet.

Here is the glider (plus we have an ottoman) that we have had since Palmer was born. SO glad I chose the yellow because I have made it work in every nursery so far. I love that all three of my babies will be rocked in this chair. I will keep it forever and maybe one day my kids will rock their babies in it.

I am LOVING the interlocking monogram wooden letters that are all the rage. I found some that are really reasonable on etsy and will have them done in a white/cream color to hang over the bed pretty much similar to these.

So we were gifted a really terrible brass ornate mirror with a bow on the top from the previous owners. This has since been replaced in our hallway but for some reason I kept it and I am SO glad I did. I am going to spray paint it and distress it kind of like this mirror to hang over chandler's dresser.

I have been going back and forth between the chandelier vs ceiling fan debate. I WANT a chandelier but I probably NEED a ceiling fan. I heard it reduces the risk of SIDS and with the room having no window I just feel like it could use some more air movement. I just so happened to stumble upon this nifty ceiling fan/chandelier combo! How great is that, best of both worlds! I would like to find this and use it in the room.

I THINK we are going to paint the walls a very subtle yellow. We may even leave them the tan color that they are right now. With Tex working so much and on the weekends it is hard to think that we will ever get anything done again! ha!

So now if I can just make everything come together Chandler should have a peaceful, simple and elegant place to rest her beautiful little head! I still am in shock that we are going to have a tiny newborn in 4 months! There is nothing new in this room but the bedding and that is fun for me. I love that when I rock her it will be in the same chair as Palmer and Ann Mason and when I lay her in her crib she will be sleeping exactly where Ann Mason did! This little one is already loved and I can't wait to watch Palmer and Ann Mason play the part of big brother and big sister I think they are really ready!

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