Monday, April 16, 2012

Party Time!

It was a partying kind of weekend at the Templeton household. We ended up having 3 birthday parties this weekend and this momma is WORN out :) (I didn't get to take my nap on Saturday or Sunday! ha!) The kids had a blast and they acted awesome which made for a fun weekend!

The first birthday party we headed to was for Palmer's buddy at school. He had a superhero bowling party. This was Palmer's first time bowling and he LOVED it! He loved it so much that before we left the bowling alley he signed up for his 5th birthday party next month (tear, tear!)

Here is my little super hero buddy bowling for the first time!
Intensely watching his ball roll down the lane! He was actually pretty good!

The boys in his class are seriously the sweetest group of boys ever. They just hug each other all of the time it is hilarious. If one boy hit a pin they would all just hug each other and high five. This is Collin Palmer's BFF!

All of the kiddos...

The next birthday party was for Tatum she was turning a big 4!

All of the buddies from Tatum's Party!

These two melt my heart, they literally get SO excited when they see each other! I need to find some pictures of their daddies together at this age, I am pretty sure they would look the same!

Oh Ann Mason :) She was a good girl this weekend I think she likes to party :)

Well, our last stop and birthday celebration was for Papaw. Ann Mason is to say the least pretty smitten with her Papaw and I am pretty sure he feels the same way.

The whole crew Mamaw and Papaw with their grand babies, can't wait to throw another one in the chaos!

This picture sums it up.... we found Ann Mason on the couch dead asleep at 7:15! Palmer is probably smiling because he got to stay up and watch his favorite movie Transformers in peace :)

It was definitely a fun filled weekend, I think it might take me all week to catch up on my sleep!

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