Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Day

We had a BUSY but FUN Easter! I am WORN OUT today! It might take me this week to catch up and feel normal again! haha Sunday morning the kids woke up early as usual and rushed out to see their baskets. We had to have a big talk about how the Easter bunny was NOT like Santa so no one would get the wrong idea! ha!

Here are the kids Easter Baskets... Ann Mason got Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked in hers...

Palmer got the movie Hop! I was SO excited about both, I like their movies just as much as they do!

 Palmer totally pumped about Hop up until yesterday we hadn't seen it and I think we watched it 4 times in a row :)
Do you all see this?  Girlfriend has her hand on her hip? Really? I am in for it!

Me and my sweet babies... hard to believe that this time next year we will have an 8 month old to add to this photo!

KK and Ann Mason

My handsome boy, I think this is the last year I am going to get him to wear exactly what I want, he was NOT happy with the button down and vest but mommy was!

The girls outside of church!

Our family photo, Ann Mason is about to make a run for it! Tex was literally dragging her across the yard in her dress I am surprised her dress doesn't have grass stains all of it! She might make me lose my mind sooner than later :)

The kids closing their eyes waiting for Mamaw to bring out their baskets!

 As much as she pushes me to my limits I love this smushed up face! She is my girl as rotten as she may be I love her so very much!

And the crew minus Matt and Kellye out in Cali! Thankful to have family around especially for Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

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