Monday, April 23, 2012

The weekend was crazy busy! I am starting to see a pattern here :) our weekends might be crazy for the next 18 years! Despite being super busy I did get not one but two mommy nights out on the town! It was AWESOME! Friday night I went with my mother in law, sister in law and a friend to see this movie...

My oh my! Zac Efron is ALL grown up! I enjoyed the movie a lot! I have heard some say that it was slow but I enjoyed it~ Zac Efron made it enjoyable to watch especially when he had his shirt off :)

After we went to the movies we ate at Olive Garden! I ate too much but it was SO gooood! It was such a nice night out with the girls to recharge myself for the weekend!

Saturday night we got to go out to eat to celebrate Tiffany's birthday! Robbie and Tiff have known Tex since before he was Palmer's age. It is so fun to watch our kids grow up together! Aunt Tiff can keep them in line for sure! I am going to send my kids over to her house when they get in trouble!

I had to take some pics since we rarely go on a date night!

This is us with me at almost 23 weeks! I love comparing pictures of us with the different kiddos!

We did a lot of eating and a lot of running this weekend! Palmer is now playing soccer and tee ball so we had two games and a practice this weekend not to mention church, Sunday lunch and grocery! I was worn out last night! It was so fun and a great weekend!

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