Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So I found a new (new for me) cleaning product that I am 100% obsessed with. I have found that coming from a new house to a 30 year old home I have had to change how I clean. It isn't necessarily a bad thing but just different. I think older homes probably have to be cared for and maintained obviously different than new homes and it seems I am slowly learning the ropes.

Given the fact that I am almost 6 months pregnant and I am obsessed with cleaning currently I needed to find something that would work the way I wanted it to without the harsh chemicals of products with bleach in them. So insert my new fav thing...

At only $2.96 for this HUGE bottle this cleaning product is not only AWESOME at cleaning but VERY economical! Go here to Vinegar Tips to find the hundreds of amazing things this product does! I first learned about it from a friend who was soaking her water tray from her refrigerator in it to get off the hard water stains! I have never found something that could do that!

I also have used it in my microwave with water and heat it up and it wipes completely clean in minutes! I seriously have not used another cleaning product in the last 3 weeks. It does windows, counter tops, appliances, bath tubs, etc... I think Tex thinks I am crazy because our whole house smells like vinegar but it is clean! :) The tips in the website are amazing, use it in your laundry, dishwasher, etc... I had a lot of build up around my faucets in the bathrooms and on our shower doors. Sprayed this and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes and voila it all comes right off! Just had to pass this along!

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